"LEGS" was designed and built by
Matt Heckert in 1987

Matt Heckert worked designing and building robots with Survival Research Laboratories from 1980-1988. This radio controlled walking machine was used in Survival Research Laboratories perfomances in USA and Europe in 1988.

Powered by a gas motor it walks forward, backward, left and right. For sound it has a firetruck siren.
Mounted on the front is an electric motor which spins 2 pieces of heavy chain at high speed. This device was used to "play" a sort of xylophone of tubes and pipes in Copenhagen on July 31,1988

length: 10', height: 7'7", width 4'
weight: 1000 lbs. (aprox.)
power source (for drive/steering): 5hp Briggs and Stratton
drive: hydraulic
power source (for siren and valves): 12 v automotive battery
radio control: 7 channel Futaba

"LEGS" machine
LEGS was used in the Survival Research Laboratories performances:

May 24, 1988 Queens, NY
"MISFORTUNES OF DESIRE: Acted Out At An Imaginary Location Symbolizing Everything Worth Having"

July 17,1988 Amsterdam, Netherlands
"SRL INITIATES: A Plan For Social Improvement Based on Achieving Complete Freedom From The Restraints Of Civilization"

July 30, 1988 Copenhagen, Denmark
An Original Machine Performance Tailored Especially for the City of Copenhagen

It can be seen in the SRL video:

"The Will To Provoke: An Account of Fantastic Schemes for Initiating Social Improvement"

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"LEGS" machine in performance
"LEGS" machine during SRL performance in Copenhagen, Denmark - July 30, 1988